Running Mantras

I’ve been so excited to write this article because I have found running mantras to be so helpful that I want to share them.  Included here are mantras for beginning to experienced runners that will help increase your enjoyment, enhance performance, and keep you going when it gets tough. Click through to check these out!

What is a Running Mantra?

A running mantra is simply a phrase or word that you repeat mentally while you are running in order to achieve a certain goal. My first running mantra back in high school was a little pathetic, but it kept my mind off the difficulty and helped me to keep going. It was simply counting to 8 over and over again. It was rhythmic and hypnotic and even thought it sometimes was annoying to myself, it had a certain power. The mantra was a vehicle that carried me on when I would have otherwise wanted to stop.

When I got back into running for the second time in my life, about 5 years ago, my new mantra was “Lifelong Runner.” What this meant to me was: “It is OK to go slow if I need to. It is OK if I miss a day or even a week because I am sick. It’s all OK because I am a Lifelong Runner. As long as I have legs that can jog, nothing can stop that, especially my, at-times, doubting, anxious mind!”

Mantras for Runners

Try these mantras on for size. Modify them. Create your own. Let them carry you forward to whatever your goal may be. In fact, let your running or life goals be the place from which your mantra springs.

Beginning Runner Mantras

  1. Counting to a certain number. Repeat. Repeat.
  2. I am a Lifelong Runner.
  3. I can do this.
  4. I am a runner.
  5. Born to Run.

Running Mantras for Tough Times

  1. I have everything I need to complete this.
  2. The energy is there. I release it to use it.
  3. I am strong.
  4. Strong. Energy. Relaxed. (repeat)
  5. All I have to do is manage this moment. (Borrowed from”Slow Burn“-great book on running.)

Running Mantras for Racing

  1. Race my pace.
  2. Stay on pace.
  3. Calm, focused, strong, steady paced.
  4. I run my own race.
  5. Counting works here too.

Running Mantras for Slow Days

  1. Completing is Succeeding.
  2. I only need to finish. No need for speed.
  3. All miles are good miles.
  4. What I can do is always good enough.
  5. Its just one mile 3** times. (**insert your number) (Also from “Slow Burn” by Stu Mittleman)

Please Share

Do you use a mantra or any kind? If so, what is it and how does it work for you? I’ll add all readers suggestions to this post! Please share your thoughts in the comments below and please share this article with your running friends! Thank you!



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