Running Cycles


Here’s a dumb question, but I’ll ask it anyway. Do you ever get tired during a run and think, boy I’d like to just walk for a while?  Of course you have. So what can you do? Watch and wait.  …and keep running. Let me explain.

Watch and Wait

Caveat: If you are very winded you might want to slow it down a bit, perhaps walk for a bit so you can catch your breath. Better to get your breathing under control so that you can start up again and finish your run.

But if you’ve got run of the mill tiredness, you might want to hang in there.  When you find yourself getting tired either mentally and/or physically, set aside your judgment for a bit and wait it out. Chances are you’ll find your energy cycle back up again within 5-10 minutes.


You see we have energy cycles that ebb and flow during a run. The body is working to release energy through many different chemical reactions. It’s not necessarily an even output of energy, so hang in there and wait for the next wave of energy to boost you.  These are not necessarily large changes in energy availability, but if you pay attention it will be enough for you to notice.

Let Go of Judgment

When we watch and wait, instead of making a negative judgment (Ugh, I’m so tired) we give ourselves the chance to bounce back. Next time your energy lags, try a running mantra that will GIVE you energy instead of stealing energy. Try:

  • I have all the energy I need.
  • My body is releasing energy for me to use.
  • I can do this. Slow and steady wins the race.

This is something to watch for during your next run. Your body is an amazing machine. Treat it well and it will serve you well. Eat well and get enough rest, and enjoy being able to run!

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photo by: bdtier

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