How to Run in the Heat Safely

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Summer is rolling in today with a roar! So what better time to learn about how to handle the heat while running. Here are some tips that will keep you safe and cool while running in the heat.

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Running Mantras

I’ve been so excited to write this article because I have found running mantras to be so helpful that I want to share them.  Included here are mantras for beginning to experienced runners that will help increase your enjoyment, enhance performance, and keep you going when it gets tough. Click through to check these out!

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Programs to Track Your Running

Whether you are a new runner or have been doing this for a while, a neat thing to do is to track your running. Aside from being able to see your accomplishments, you’ll also be able to analyze your running to improve performance, and to understand and heal injuries. You can use the old fashioned paper method or you could use a program. There are online programs and stand-alone programs. I will review few for you here.

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Smile Power

Swim for Smiles: 34 Off and Running
I was at the gym today and a older gentleman came up to me and said, “You should try smiling. It will make it easier.” This was right in the middle of a set of bicep curls which I was having some trouble with. He had a playfulness in the delivery of his comment and my smile complied immediately partly because I felt a little foolish. So I continued to smile through the rest of the set and you know what? This guy was right!!

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No Brain, No Pain

no brain

Over time running gets easier.

Our heart, lungs and muscles get conditioned. We can go farther without stopping. And hopefully some of the jiggling of fat goes away which makes things a lot easier!

But it also stays difficult.

There’s the breathing. Heavy. Sometimes there’s the tired tree trunks, I mean legs. And then there is the ever challenging mental struggle of staying focused, not quitting, and gently pushing ourselves to do a little bit better.

But at the end of every run is the sweet satisfaction that makes it all worth it. So can we make the running part easier? Sometimes we can. This is what I’ve noticed.

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Welcome to Running Zen!

Xavier Donat / Foter

Welcome, everyone, to Running Zen! This running blog is for everyone interested in running:

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Running Zen is a place where all runners, experienced to newbies, can find inspiration to enjoy their running anew each day. Whether you race, buffalo-shuffle, or some other mode of running, we welcome you to the Running Zen community.

To learn more about Running Zen, check out our About page.

In the meantime, please browse around and please share your thoughts! The goal of this site is to create a community for runners who want to find richness in their running and who want that richness to flow into their overall life.

Your comments will most likely help someone, so don’t be shy! Tell us about your running experience. Tell us what you like and don’t like. Whatever you do, please join in on the conversation!

Today we’ll start off with: How do you find inspiration for your running?

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