Aerobic vs Anaerobic: Are You Running At the Right Heart Rate?

As I mentioned last week, I found some great info on the optimum heart rate level to train at for endurance sports. It is quite different from the high intensity trend that is popular today. Well I started it last week and I was very surprised at the results.  Let […] Read more »

Important Fitness and Health Guidelines for All Athletes

Read most any fitness website and you’ll see hardcore sayings like “Go Hard or Go Home” “No Excuses” “Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body” “You Only Get Out What You Put In” “When My Mind Shouts STOP My Body Shouts NEVER” Ok, you get the idea: “Train hard then train […] Read more »

Transitioning to Barefoot Running in Merrell’s Barefoot Run Vapor Glove

I just recently began trying the barefoot method of running and I can say that I do like it a lot. I was open minded about trying it, but I wasn’t tied to the idea that I would love it. I’ve been using Merrell’s Barefoot Run Vapor Glove. As these are […] Read more »