Barefoot Running Downhill

barefoot running downhill

Not all barefoot running was created equal. There are uphills, flats, rocky, and then there’s Downhill Running Barefoot! Here’s what I figured out this week.

Running Downhill While Barefoot

So when you run downhill there is a lot more impact when your foot lands. For the beginner barefoot runner, this can be a little uncomfortable.  The ground feels even harder and you start to worry, “Should I really be doing this?”

Well I remembered a passage from the book I’m currently reading, “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall, where he talks about how the Tarahumara kids were running down a hill: their legs were moving very fast like little scissors.

Ah, yes! Of course! That’s how to do it!

In order to move your legs fast you must shorten up your stride. So with barefoot running, you will have a shorter stride than in traditional shoes, and when you run barefoot downhill, you’ll do well to shorten up your stride even more.

How It Feels

In a word: weird.

But it already feels weird running barefoot style, so what’s another weird experience?

When you quicken up your stride running downhill you actually feel like a little kid. You feel like you’re in some kind of a strange circus act and you kinda hope no one is watching. But it works. Less impact and you can really fly.

Hopefully it doesn’t look as weird as it feels.

Wait, scratch that. Who cares! 🙂 I’m having fun!

How About You?

What have you noticed about running barefoot downhill. Does it change after you’ve been doing it a while?

Would love to hear from you! Let’s chat! Comments and social media links below!


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