Aerobic vs Anaerobic: Are You Running At the Right Heart Rate?

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As I mentioned last week, I found some great info on the optimum heart rate level to train at for endurance sports. It is quite different from the high intensity trend that is popular today. Well I started it last week and I was very surprised at the results.  Let me tell you all about it and then you can decide for yourself if you’d like to give it a whirl. Read more »

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Barefoot Running Downhill

barefoot running downhill

Not all barefoot running was created equal. There are uphills, flats, rocky, and then there’s Downhill Running Barefoot! Here’s what I figured out this week.

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Important Fitness and Health Guidelines for All Athletes

No pain No gain!

Read most any fitness website and you’ll see hardcore sayings like

  • “Go Hard or Go Home”
  • “No Excuses”
  • “Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body”
  • “You Only Get Out What You Put In”
  • “When My Mind Shouts STOP My Body Shouts NEVER”

Ok, you get the idea: “Train hard then train hard some more.” It’s the American way! But…

Today I learned that this is really bad advice. The exciting thing is I found out why. Let me share with you. Read more »

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Feeling the Joy of Running

running joy

So I’ve been transitioning to barefoot running and yesterday I had a little breakthrough in my running. It wasn’t an faster time. It wasn’t improving my form. It wasn’t increased distance. It was a mental shift and it was wonderful. It was pretty powerful and I think you might want to try it! Read more »

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My Ongoing Barefoot Running Journey

bare feet running

My precious feet

Slow and steady is the way to go with transitioning to barefoot running, barefoot living. (I run in minimalist shoes, walk in either minimalist sandals, shoes, or actual barefoot at home) My journey to living “barefoot” started about 3-4 weeks ago. Over the last few days here is what I’ve experienced and how I’ve handled it.

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Transitioning to Barefoot Running in Merrell’s Barefoot Run Vapor Glove

Merrell Barefoot Run Vapor Glove Sneaker
I just recently began trying the barefoot method of running and I can say that I do like it a lot. I was open minded about trying it, but I wasn’t tied to the idea that I would love it. I’ve been using Merrell’s Barefoot Run Vapor Glove. As these are my first pair of minimalist running shoes, I don’t have anything to compare it to except traditional shoes. But I will give you my impressions of this brand of shoe and also tell you how I have made the transition.

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Shoutouts to Your Unsung Heroes

Runner Feet

Lately I’ve been running without music and focusing on my mind, using my run as an opportunity to reflect, plan my day, and practice positive thinking. I even developed my Heart Meditation while running. Today I want to share a mental focus theme that I used yesterday that was really helpful in motivating me, generating energy, generating a positive mindset, and passing the time.

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Rediscover the Joy in Running: Reconnect with Why You Run

running with the seagulls

Has your run become just another task on your to-do list that you need to check off so you can then do the next thing and the next and the next? Does it feel like a dreaded obligation? If so, you can change this and in doing so you can make running enjoyable, as it should be!

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Bandana Cooler – Air Conditioning for Runners

The last 2 days I ran later in the day than usual and boy my head felt like it was being melted in an oven. So today I decided to try the Bandana Cooler. It worked great! Here’s how to make one yourself. (Read all the way through to the end of the article for a funny anecdote.)

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